Cañoñ.com/ijsetup || Download and Install Cañoñ Printer Driver || Cañoñ ij setup

Cañoñ is one of the well-known brands in the printing devices that delivers outstanding printing, scanning and faxing quality for your documents. Setup your wireless Cañoñ printer driver with your device (windows/mac/smartphone, etc) using the simple procedure from its official website: Cañoñ.com/ijsetup and get started with it today.

Preparations and Precautions for Installing the Printer Driver

  • There needs to be enough space for the download and installation of the Cañoñ Printer Drivers in your computer system.
  • Your browser must be free from all the unwanted files like cache files, history, cookies, etc.
  • Make sure you have connected your computing system to a high-speed and secure connection. Cañoñ.com/ijsetup printer driver is not available to download on a public connection.
  • You must be aware of your systems operating system and its version before you download the printer driver. This will help you to download the compatible driver.
  • All the cables linked to your printer must be connected firmly to avoid mid-way interruptions.
  • Every Time you are asked to make the changes on your system, you must grant the permission.
  • If needed to remove the firewall blocking, do so by unblocking it.
  • Your system must fulfill all the required Cañoñ.com/ijsetup driver requirements.
  • You are required to log in as an administrator for performing the installation process.

First-Time Hardware Setup For Your Cañoñ Model

Every Cañoñ printer setup process differs depending on the series and model name. Here are common guidelines;

  • Remove the box packaging.
  • Take out the Cañoñ printer and remove tapes, extra packaging material.
  • Locate the printer to a smooth surface near your PC or Laptop.
  • You’ll receive a few extra components, a Power cord, CD, Manuals, and FINE Cartridges.
  • Use a power cord and connect the Cañoñ inkjet device to power.
  • Turn it on with the power button.
  • Open Paper Output Tray and the Paper Output Cover.
  • Carefully locate and install the ink cartridge.
  • Slide right Paper Guide and insert papers.

A Quick Guide For Download and Install


Prior to installation, you have to download the Cañoñ printer drivers setup file. The download is a quick and convenient procedure if performed via “Cañoñ.com/ijsetup”. Cañoñ ijsetup is a web address for the Cañoñ printer driver window. It is a one-stop platform for all the printer driver needs and requirements. You can manually find the correct printer driver for your Cañoñ printer using this web address. To know more about the process, take a look at the instructions mentioned below.

  • Access an internet browser on your computer system and step ahead to the download webpage using “Cañoñ.com/ijsetup”. You need to enter this URL into the address field and tap the Enter key in order to redirect.
  • Once you redirect, click the “Setup” tab followed by typing in your printer model.
  • As you enter, the Cañoñ will look for your printer model in its database and will display the product window.
  • At times, you might get the printer setup screen instead of getting the download link directly.
  • If you get so, then press the “Start” button and move along the on-screen instructions to prepare your printer. Move along the video guide on your screen and click “Next” to move ahead with each step.
  • After you are done performing all the functions, click the “Connect” tab from the lower-right corner.
  • By doing so, the download link will come into your view. You can click the red colored download and the process will begin. However, you are first required to choose the correct operating system. The tab for OS is positioned on the bottom-left corner. Make the selection and commence the download.
  • Wait until the printer driver download process is in progress. The download will take a couple of minutes to complete.


After downloading the Cañoñ Printer Setup File, you need to install it and begin the work. Installation is the final stage of the setup and the crucial one. Each step of the process is required to be followed carefully for the error-free process.

  • Once the download is completed, you have to access the file and launch it.
  • The popup will now appear to seek your permission. After permitting the application, the installer will run on your system.
  • As you move ahead from the welcome window, you will see options prompting on your screen for establishing a link between your system and printer. Choosing the preferred method and following the on-screen instructions will help you to form a connection.
  • After connection, make a selection for your printer from the list of available options.
  • Later in the process, you have to select the Cañoñ software you want to install by hitting their individual checkboxes.
  • There are a few more functions that you need to perform such as reading the license agreement, executing the print test, and more.
  • Fulfill the required functions and conclude the installation process of Cañoñ.com/ijsetup driver.

Cañoñ Printer Setup On Windows 10 via Cañoñ.com/ijsetup

For setting up Cañoñ printer on Windows 10 via Cañoñ.com/ijsetup, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, turn on the Cañoñ printer power button.
  • Go to the settings option on the printer screen.
  • And select the arrow button to select the “Device settings” option and tap on the “Ok” button.
  • Select the “LAN settings” option and tap on the “OK” button.
  • Press down the arrow button again and select the “Wireless LAN setup” and tap on the “OK”
  • The Cañoñ printer will search for the wireless network and the flash lamp will blink.
  • Select the Wi-Fi from the list available on the networks as shown on the printer screen.
  • On the next screen, you have to enter the WPA/WEP key and tap on the “OK” option.
  • Again tap on the “OK” option to finish the wireless setup.
  • Go to the website Cañoñ.com/ijsetup to download the printer driver and complete the installation process.
  • Visit the “Control Panel” and tap on the “Device and Printer” and then click on the “Add Printer” option.
  • In the final step, the Cañoñ printer has been successfully established on the Windows PC.